Tadano GT 550E-3

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Marke : Tadano
Modell : GT 550E-3
Zustand : Gebraucht - Sehr gut
Jahr : 2012
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Model :GT550E-3-10101
Year Of Manuf: 2012
Country of origin: Japan
Max. Lifting Capacity:55ton
Boom: Five section boom
Main Boom length:11.1-42.0M
Jib Length:9-14.6 M
Overall Dimension (m):13.480×2.820×3.680
Gross Crane Mass: 39800kg
Run Speed Max: 84km/h
Axes:4 with 13 tyres for drive(One Spare Tyre assembled)
Two hook and two Winch. Left Hand Drive Single cabin
Control:5 Operating lever control with computer system,Rear cab all computer-controlled, With original a moment limiter system for crane.

Our Services
Quality insurance
> We have professional technical team
> All machines will be inspected and tested before purchase
> machines will be adjusted to best condition by our engineer
> All of our products are pre-tested & Re-checked before leaving yard.

Before sale service
> Hotel reservation
> Airport pick up
> Free repaint and maintenace for machine
> machine modification and rebuilt according to your requirments
> Shipment and insurance.
> Tour and shopping guidence
After sale service
> 3 year warranty for Engine & Pump under correct use.
> Spare parts supply.
> Lifetime consultation on problem occured.

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